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Christmas Lunch at George Hotel Wormald Green
Harrogate 10th December 2019 

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ....."

Christmas means different things to different people.
If you were to ask a kindergarden class of 4 year olds, the hyper-excited replies will always be a variation of the same theme,
"Presents ..."
"Lots of presents ...
"Santa Claus ..."
"The fat guy with the white beard on a sledge ... I saw him in Asda !!"

For friends and families of PUK Harrogate, this Christmas lunch worked much like superglue, it kept us sticking together and helping each other in the process.
The spirit of Christmas prevails, hic ... literally for some and generosity of giving for others.
The warmth and the ease of the get-together was palpable and keenly felt, a perfect prelude or run up to the Big Day.
The highlight of the day was the timely announcement of the winner of "The PUK Volunteer Of The Year"  This accolade was awarded to our very own inspirational Renee Dickinson, who has been working tirelessly for the Harrogate Branch over the years, both in her previous guise as the Chair and now as the PR and Chief Fundraiser.

A big thank you to Christine Taylor and Denise Gibson for planning and organising this enjoyable event in a well chosen agreeable venue with decent food at a cost that appeals even to the most ardent Yorkshireman in us.

It may or may not escape your notice, all things retro is really 'in' at the moment. At a personal level, my day can also arguably fall into this 'retro' category ....

1) My dessert of Sticky Toffee pudding was so yummy in every sense of the word, a serious conflict of sin and desire for a fleeting moment with one caring angel whispering in one ear,

"Don't do it !!!"

And the devil whispering seductively in the other ear

"Go on, you know you want it. Just let me show you a good time, BAD BOY !!".


Our generation was brought up with good solid guiding moral principles, one of which is to always respect your elders and do as you are told, recalling particularly a waste not want not frugality,

"Eat what is being put in front of you

You know how lucky you are ? "

Guess I'm a good boy and a bad boy in equal measure.

2) Christmas dinner is not Christmas dinner without sharing one or two Christmas 'jokes' 

"What do Santa's little helpers learn at school?
The elf-abet! "

"Who is Santa's favourite singer?
Elf-is Presley! "

Groan audibly but I was lucky again as sitting next to me was Richard Allen, the honourable Treasurer of PUK Harrogate Branch.

On hearing the Christmas cracker jokes, quick as a flash he said quite earnestly,

"These one-liners sound familiar and they must be written by Chairman John !!

Groan turned to chuckle instantly.

Who am I to argue ? 

His role naturally demands the highest standard of him at all times, dealing with only facts and actual without exception.

As 2019 is drawing to a close and on behalf of everyone at PUK Harrogate, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Chair sincerely with utmost respect, John Sheepy for leading from the front, selflessly helping others without hesitation and reservation, committing wholeheartedly and dedicating many hours to the cause, all for the benefit of the local Parkinson's community.

Thank you.

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