What We Do

Branch Meetings

Monthly meetings 

Masonic Hall


Guest Speakers

Contact John Sheepy

(Tel: 07811 126534)

Exercise Classes

Exercise is good for you and can make a difference.

Classes Every

Monday & Thursday at

Bilton Health & Wellbeing Hub

 Jennyfield Styan Community Centre

Contact Vicki Watson

(Tel: 07961 070159)


Golf in Society

We offer a great afternoon 

twice a month with the 

support of Rudding Park Golf 


Contact Anthony Blackburn

(Tel: 07491 694938)

Craft Workshops

Watch This Space



Every Tuesday & Wednesday


Bilton Health & Wellbeing Hub

Contact Chanelle McGill

(Tel: 07766 488688)


See Mike Mosedale

our research co-ordinator

(Tel: 01423 868012)


We fund up to 6 hours of counselling with

Wishing well, Harrogate

Contact Louise Smith

(Tel: 0344 2253769)


You are not alone.

We are here for you.

This facility is being arranged as and when required via coffee/drop in or subsidised lunches or one to one sessions

Fund Raising

To meet the services we currently offer, we need to raise £15,000.

Can You Help ?

Contact Renee Dickinson

(Tel: 01423 879079)


We fund limited hours of respite care to the members

Contact Louise Smith

(Tel: 0344 2253769)


We fund taxi service for patients or members with no means of transport nor friends and family who can help 

Contact Christine Taylor

(Tel: 01423 521064)


 Quarterly newsletters being circulated to all members registered with Harrogate branch 

Contact John Sheepy

(Tel: 07811 126534)


Working closely with Harrogate District Hospital and Research bodies

Regular events are arranged both locally and nationally

Contact John Sheepy

(Tel: 07811 126534)

Crown Green Bowls

At Knaresborough Castle Green 

 Courtesy of Harrogate District Council

Contact Neil Fuller

(Tel: 01423 2392429)

Tai Ji and Dance

Other Exercise Offering

Tai Ji Class Tuesday

Contact Breffni Groome

(Tel: 07817 769089)

Dance Class Friday 

 Contact Sophie Zealand

(Tel: 07985 158263 )


Subsidised lunches

are held at regular dates throughout the year

Contact John Sheepy

(Tel:07811 126534)