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Parkinson's UK - Research News


People affected by Parkinson's is at the core of what PUK do as an organisation as illustrated in the Strategy Venn Diagram.

Looking To The FUTURE


The primary focus and the overriding priority of the strategy centres on a renewed drive and determined pursuit, 'a holy grail if you like' in finding a cure for Parkinson's.

A significant proportion of PUK’s annual budget and resources have been and will be invested in various Research projects.

The investment is being ramped up further recently with the aim of accelerating breakthroughs in research.

We are currently pioneering Virtual Biotech (the drug development arm of PUK)  to help in targeting and identifying the most promising treatments and accelerating them through development and early clinical trials.


PUK Income and Expenditure Ratio


According to the latest published annual financial report, the spend on Research is by far the biggest outlay in the organisation’s annual expenditure, second only to the operational cost of PUK as a whole including administration overhead in staffing, office building, fundraising cost and management expenses.

Members Support & Services NOW


The frontline service is largely being provided and delivered locally by local volunteers to their members, family and friends at a branch level.

The level and standard of this much-needed support and services varies from branch to branch in the country.


In Harrogate, this service is self-funded where money is raised locally and money being spent locally for the benefit of the local people.

The scale and scope of the service we aspire to provide is limited only by the income we generate. 

We also operate on a starting point of no fixed annual overhead basis, all thanks to a team of keen and willing volunteers, the added value partnership we have with the local service providers, working dynamics with the Parkinson’s Support Unit at Harrogate District Hospital and the wonderful supporters who believe in what we do.


This Research News page aims to facilitate the access to the essential information you seek in terms of what, who and when.

Whether your interest is in volunteering opportunities, participating and playing a part in Research Projects or simply just wanting to find out more about PUK sponsored and/or funded projects, progress status to date and the financial commitment made so far, please click the links for further information.

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