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Announced enthusiastically when unveiling the plan to ease the Covid-nine-nine-nineteen restrictions to the nation,

"The crocus of hope is poking through the frost  ....... Spring is on its way"

A quirky mutating variant of English Language that can only be uniquely tracked and traced all the way back to the current occupant of Number 10 Downing Street.

The words may have been designed to amuse a little, to confuse a little and always likely to baffle the senses of some genuine fake indigenous natives amongst us. Simply and loosely translated without the surrounding veneer.

"Tomorrow will be a good day" (Sir Captain Tom). 


Regular exercises is widely acknowledged by medical experts in helping to manage the symptoms of Parkinson's. The physical and mental health benefits, a sense of well being as the results of the activity-based programmes can not be emphasised enough.

Time to dust yourselves down as Spring is just around the corner, so get yourselves ready to SPRING into action.

Perennial Favourite Activities
Rudding Park
Restart 14th April
Therapeutic Exercise Classes
Restart w/c 19th April
Tai Ji
Restart w/c 19th April
Boxing and Dance
Taster Classes
Coming Soon
Watch This Space
UP And Coming Event

Book your tickets online for Snake Davis gig at Ripley LIve this coming Summer.

What's New

As the pandemic restrictions are finally starting to ease, time to banish the enforced isolation and the habit of sitting at home.

Go outdoors, reacquaint yourself with nature and take a walk in your garden or the woods.

Smell the air and feel the sky.

Why not take your camera or phone with you and get snapping away at whatever tickles your fancy, bringing out the inner David Bailey in you. Interact with the local wildlife and nature at its best.

Send your pictures to Denise Gibson for our Local Wildlife Photo competition.

Wildlife photo poster.jpg
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