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Tommy Leong - 25k Thames Bridges Trek Challenge
Fundraising For Dementia Forward and PUK Harrogate & District

11th September 2021

A Day to Remember

The day started slightly misty and overcast early in the morning.


With 4,500 participants from all walks of life converging in Bishop’s Park Fulham more or less at the same time, the place was remarkably calm and orderly, buzzing with anticipation going through the registration, briefing of the day and warm-up routine all in good humour.


2 km into my leg of the trek after a staggered start, the sun came out to play and the glorious sunshine stayed that way for the rest of the day.


It was hard not to enjoy yourself, walking at your own pace, stopping and starting as you please, meeting, interacting and engaging socially as much or as little as you want, seeing the sights of this great city and some major landmarks from the ground up, with a half way rest stop at The Oval.


Like-minded people taking part in this event as a team or individuals for their own reasons.

Some fundraising for charity.

Some a campaign for special cause or someone.

Some just simply sisters standing on their own two feet doing for themselves.


Just before making a beeline for the finish and thanks to my lucky star, I was walking alongside a small group of high-spirited fellow sisters with a sub-woofer playing some George Michael numbers....

Something about 


Naturally I sauntered a bit with the sisterhood to the beat of Georgie Porgie's heady tune blasting in the air with onlookers clapping us on.

To think I'm a shy and a reserved person by nature.


For me personally, this challenge has been a cathartic experience.

A few beers afterwards especially so.


A cracking day. 

Though my whingeing bunions would argue to the contrary.

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