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An Evening With Paul Mayhew-Archer
Spread The Laughter
Masonic Hall Harrogate 
23rd July 2021

Reflection Of The Evening


Firstly by all accounts, the evening was an unqualified success, not least the beginning of a fight back against Coronavirus which blighted many lives on a global scale and the freedom which we took for granted.

In many ways, the evening arguably represents a small triumph over adversity in the uncertain world that we've lived in over the past 18 months.


The main draw of the night. The unflappable funny man, the honourable Paul Mayhew-Archer came to town and made us laugh at ourselves with his unique P brand of comedy, for some with added educational values too.

The 'secret' is now out in the open.

For people with P condition, Viagra only serves to give you stiffness in your arms and legs.

Should you need a boost in that department, the ones in the know always rising to the occasion accredited their god-like status to the wonders of Weetabix and Irn-bru.

This combo is smoking hot right now. TOTP as it were, for all occasions and all persuasions be it hetro, bi (aka greedy), trans, don't know, yet to-be-decided etc etc.


For those who still have room and appetite for afters, hot cocoa and slippers are the go to 'get it on' with the in crowd at the moment.


Endorsement by Jim from Vicar of Dribbly,
"No no no no no no ........ Yes"


Last but not least, the most enjoyable part of the evening was about interacting with people, not virtually but for real.

The smiles and genuine delight to see each other.

Some old and familiar faces, some new and some who you just don't give a monkey about, just about summed up a very agreeable evening.

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