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L.K. Bennett Fashion Show 17th March 2022 

Think back to 2020


The LK Bennett Fashion Show was booked and everyone was excited, they were looking forward to the show. We at Harrogate Parkinson’s had sent out the invitations and everyone was ready.  Unfortunately, that was the day before lockdown 2020. The show was cancelled.

But we were not going to let a Lockdown stop a Fashion Show. So, two years later, LK Bennett were still keen to do the Show for the charity.  It was re-arranged and people gathered for a glass of Prosecco, “sponsored - by a Business in Mexico!!.”

Everyone had an opportunity to check out the items on the rails before the show began. The clothes were from the summer collection, a great mix n match opportunity as well some sale    items. The ladies from the shop we're very friendly and helped with ideas on what items worked well with others. There was a lovely silk dress, teamed with a cream Chanel wool jacket which was just wonderful.

It was a successful event and one of the best and most fun ways to start off a new year of Awareness and Fundraising events for Harrogate Parkinson’s.  

We raise money locally to help people locally with Parkinson’s and their families.

Renee Dickinson

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