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15th July 2019 - A Day Out At Ripon Races

A quintessential British Summer day out.

With the warm sunshine on your shoulders, light breeze on your face, some jolly good company in agreeable surroundings, doing as little or as much as you please.

Chairman John quite commendably and patiently went round everyone, especially the novices amongst us explaining the finer points of the old GG Betting Predictor.

Before we knew it, the first race was off.

A horse by the name of "Sneaky" came and went.

Race after race we watched with anticipation.

Did we have a winner ?

"Not On Your Nelly !", as one of the horse's name suggested.

Until we came to the final furlong, Norm took the lead with some followers and took the bookies on, willing "Storming Norman" to finish the day in glory.

The end result is now history and arguably into a folklore. 

The highlight of my afternoon came in the form of a Del Boy inspired crimson looking cider in a pint glass. A thirst quencher it was too and the only thing missing was one of those little multi-colour umbrellas to enhance the experience.

A good day out by all.

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