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PUK Harrogate BLOGS

LK Bennett Harrogate (2)_edited_edited.jpg

Fashion Show

17th March 2022

Think back to 2020, The LK Bennett Fashion Show was booked and everyone was excited, they were looking forward to the show. We at Harrogate Parkinson’s had sent out the invitations and everyone was ready.  Unfortunately, that was the day before lockdown 2020. The show was cancelled. .......


60's Soul & RnB Night Ripley

13th November 2021

"It's the same old song". That may be. It's also true something will always stay reassuringly the same. It's awesome seeing all the sisters standing on their own two feet doing for themselves,.........


25k Thames Bridges Trek 

11th September 2021

A day to remember. The day started slightly misty and overcast early in the morning. With 4,500 participants from all walks of life converging in Bishop’s Park Fulham more or less at the same time,

Paul Mayhew-Archer Evening

23rd July 2021

An evening with PMA. Firstly by all accounts, the evening was an unqualified success, not least the beginning of a fight back against Coronavirus which blighted many lives on a global scale and the freedom which we took for granted.


Snake Davies Ripley

24th July 2021

What A Night "Snake who?" You could almost be forgiven for thinking. Indeed I'm one of those who has ignorantly overlooked some of the collaborative work he has done with some of the biggest names in the music business. James Brown, Tina Turner, Paul McCartney, Dave Steward, Robert Palmer, Primal Scream to name just a few.

Golf Society_edited.jpg

George Haydon Golf Trophy

25th August 2019

An afternoon of a simple joyful game of golf played and enjoyed by all amongst friends,  thanks to the legacy of a social enterprise and a brain child of George Haydon, the co-founder of Golf In Society.

Golf Society_edited.jpg

Putt For Parkinson's

14th August 2019

“Today is going to be wet wet … WET”, declared in his usual enthusiastic and flamboyant style by my current favourite award winning BBC Look North weatherman Owain Owen


Christmas Lunch

10th December 2019

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ....." Christmas means different things to different people. If you were to ask a kindergarden class of 4 year olds, the hyper-excited replies will always be a variation of the same theme,


60's Soul & RnB Vinyl Night

30th November 2019

The sound of authentic 60s Soul and R&B is alive and well in Yorkshire. From the moment the legendary DJ Ian Smith spun his first disc, the 60s Soul Club scene came alive with vengeance and embraced by the local aficionados in gusto.


Ripon Races

15th July 2019

A quintessential British Summer day out. With the warm sunshine on your shoulders, light breeze on your face, some jolly good company in agreeable surroundings, doing as little or as much as you please.


Walk For Parkinson's

14th July 2019

Done it, got the T-Shirt and a medal for an endeavour that is shared by many from all walks of life in the region, walking the walk enjoying the camaraderie and the beautiful countryside, having fun and raising some much needed money for Parkinson's at the same time.

Ripley Live 2019 - 3_edited.jpg

Rebecca Downes Ripley

18th May 2019

By all accounts, this music extravaganza was a success raising £1,500 for Harrogate Branch of Parkinson's UK. The money raised will be spent locally for the benefit of our members.

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