New Golfing Calendar 

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As from May 2022, Golfing session is being scheduled to be a fortnightly Wednesday event.  

Golf Days (without afternoon tea)

1. Bucket of balls for the range
2. Use of practice facilities
3. Six holes on the Repton Course (subject to availability)
4. Golf coaching - Tips to improve your game

There will then be opportunity to socialise in the clubhouse afterwards.
The cost will be £10 per person.

On Wednesday in Year 2022

- 25th May

- 29th June

- 27th July

- 24th August

- 28th September

- 26th October

- 23rd November


Golf Days (with afternoon tea)


1. Six holes competition on Repton Course
2. Afternoon tea in clubhouse

On Wednesday in Year 2022

- 12th January

- 9th February

- 9th March

- 13th April

- 11th May

- 15th June

- 13th July

- 10th August

- 14th September

- 12th October

- 9th November

- 14th December

Cost: £10 per person

Venue                                   Rudding Park Golf HG3 1DL


Contact:                               Anthony Blackburn


                                             Tel: 07491 694938