Awards and Recognitions


John Sheepy

Chair PUK Harrogate 

Winner of  'Parkinson's UK Volunteer Award 2020'.

Much deserved recognition for his untiring work and contribution not just only for the benefit of the members, friends and families of PUK in Harrogate, but a wide spectrum of charity work in the region.

Knowing the man that he is, he will say this is an award for us all.

This accolade  doesn't even come close to encapsulate the amount of time, effort and energy he has devoted for the cause.

KBO as Churchill was fond of saying.


Shirley Clegg MBE

Membership Secretary PUK Harrogate

Huge congratulations to Shirley Clegg for being named in this year's Queens Birthday Honours list, a richly deserved MBE for services to the Prison Service.

There's a new sheriff in town, putting a new modern spin to an old classic. Move over Pussy Cat

"Shirley Clegg Shirley Clegg, Where have you been ?

I've been to London to visit the Queen"

Is Class System still prevalent in our society ?

Looking up to Shirley Clegg MBE, I know my place --------- (The Idiot Guide To Class System Video - Click Here)