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Vicki Watson - Therapeutic Exercise Instructor

Vicki Watson

What Vicki Says About Herself 

Vicki Watson, Therapeutic Exercise Instructor (also known as Vicki Unpronounceable Surname, Vicki I, Exercise Vicki and Personal Torturer- although I feel that’s a tad dramatic, no one has had any lasting scars 😉)


Soooo about me…I’m married to my lovely hubby David (just married him hence the change to a more pronounceable surname!) and we have 4 kids, Thea, Nathan, Beth and Gabrielle and two smelly dogs Harry and Scamp who have been keeping us all sane the last few months ooo and a hamster called Nibbles! I love walking and being outdoors and spend half my life in the garden (I may be hiding out there with a cuppa and a bar of chocolate if I’m honest..)

Workwise, well I’ve been looking after and doing exercise for people with Parkinsons (and other neurological conditions) for nearly 20 years and I am utterly passionate (think slightly bananas hopping about clapping type passionate!) about how exercise can not only improve the life of people with Parkinsons but help them manage the condition long term – it’s truly awe inspiring seeing someone overcome their symptoms and focus on the awesome power of their body and what it can do. I’ve been lucky enough to train with some of the best tutors and physios in the area and learn endlessly from my fantastic clients and class members. My lovely team mates and I offer 4 exercise classes a week (plus referral to classes like tai chi and boxing) and one to one sessions if needed. You can give me a shout anytime on 07961 070159 or email if you need some advice. At the moment, we are also offering sessions via ‘Zoom’ if you need some guidance too 😊.

I hope you’re taking care of yourselves (try doing a couple of sit to stands during the adverts on the TV and make sure you drink plenty of water too 😉) I hope to see you soon, Vicki xxxx

Editorial Comments :

"Stand up tall ..... No slouching please, definite no no ..... Let's begin at the beginning with A B C  ....... Wiggle those fingers ..... Legs wide  apart .... Now march ...... I say M M A R R R C H ..... Swing those arms .... "

Vicki made her presence felt, barking out all these commands with a smile on her face, a glint in her eye surveying the sight before her of up to  30 people, standing or sitting down, despite themselves were all doing the exercise routine in unison as instructed by this petite hot chilli pepper firecracker  that packs a punch of a Therapeutic Exercise Educator. This all happened at a seminar hosted by the Parkinson's Unit Harrogate Hospital for a group of the newly diagnosed with Parkinson's. 

Vicki is universally liked by the Parkinson's fraternity for her friendly bubbling personality and more importantly the integral part she plays in actively encouraging (or bullying) unsuspecting people with neurological condition like Parkinson's to engage in exercises on a regular basis.


It can not be emphasised enough regular exercise is widely acknowledged by medical experts in helping to manage the symptoms of Parkinson's.

What you see is not necessarily what I see.

Vicki is Mr Motivator, Green Goddess and Miss Trunchbull rolled into one. By all accounts, she is quite capable of coaxing some graceful movement out of us shake n rollers too.

One word of caution though. According to one reliable but unconfirmed source, if Miss Trunchbull has anything to do with it.

Her exercise class can sometimes spontaneously explode into uncontrollable laughter as El Nino blows in setting off an unholy chain reaction. A shared but shamelessly sheepish 'condor moment' ....


The moment just blow you away

And you feel something in the air 

The only thing you can do is blowing in the wind

"I'm bananas passionate about my job", says Miss Trunchbull as she turns us into a group of very fit Parkinson's Rippers slowly but surely.  




Vicki Watson

Tel: 07961 070459


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