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               Box Clever Against Parkinson’s          

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Box Clever and Fight Back with our structured non-contact Boxing Exercise Training Programme.

Specific moves to help improve stiffness (warm-up muscle stretching), power and strength (hitting heavy bags), balance and agility (footwork & drills), hand-eye coordination (punching speed bags) and cognitive processing to name but a few.

Boxing for Parkinson’s is coming to Harrogate.

Members and non-members are all welcome.

Parkinson’s Harrogate
NeuroActive Boxing
At Bilton Health and Well Being Hub 

2 Classes Per Week:          Class 1: Wednesday 10-11am

                                            Class 2: TBC    

Cost:                                     £5 per session


Venue:                                  Bilton Health and Well Being Hub

                                             69 Bilton Lane Harrogate HG1 3DT


Reservation:                         Chanelle McGill


                                             Tel: 07766 488688


What does boxing do for people with Parkinson's ?

The associated benefits include Increased strength, Improved hand-eye coordination, Improved posture

Improved balance and agility, Improved reaction time, Better cognitive processing to name but a few.

What is Parkinson's Boxing ?

It is essentially a non-contact training workout program conducted in a relaxed environment. A typical class will last about 60 minutes involving a mixture of stretches and warm-up exercises, footwork and drill, hitting heavy bags, punching speed bags, vocal exercise and group games.


Do I need to bring my own boxing gloves?

Boxing gloves are provided.

Will I be fighting other people?

No, the classes are non-combat which means you will not be punching or be punched by another person.

Can anyone join the class?

Members and non-members are welcome. All participants must be able to stand and move safely.

If in doubt, please get in touch for your personal assessment or consult your doctor.