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60s Soul & RnB Night
at Ripley Star Club 30th November 2019 

The sound of authentic 60s Soul and R&B is alive and well in Yorkshire.

From the moment the legendary DJ Ian Smith spun his first disc, the 60s Soul Club scene came alive with vengeance and embraced by the local aficionados in gusto.

"It's the same old song .....",


a number by the famous vocal quartet, The Four Tops who helped to define the unmistakable sound of Motown in the 60s.

The only difference is ..... the sight of the forever young and evergreen baby boomers bopping away in this acoustic rich Ripley Hall is something to behold.

One or two of the young newly converted to the Soul of the 60s amongst the crowd, presumably the digital aged next generation, who looked on with a bit of disgust and indignation at the antics of their moms and pops, but despite themselves their feet said otherwise tapping away under the table to the rhythm of the evening.

The event is best summed up as "It was a right good night !", by one local rather appropriately in this part of the country.

And there's a bit of brass too for the PUK Harrogate Branch.

The money raised will be spent locally for the benefit of the local people.

A very big thank you to Ian Smith the home grown DJ and Renee Dickinson of Parkinson's Harrogate Branch for organising and putting the whole thing together.

Not one who's inclined nor has the ability for any public display of rhythm .... but hell fire.... if i were to have had my man-bag with me, I would have placed my bag in the middle of the dance floor and boogied away with the girls !! 

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