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Tommy Leong - Team Member

Tommy Leong

Thanks to the PUK Harrogate craftwork artist Anne Johnson who during this unprecedented lockdown period, plays her part by using her crafty knowhow making masks (NB. Not clinically proven or medically certified) to help those who want to feel protected by this devastating virus outbreak and respect the wellbeing of others by taking measure in an effort not spreading the infection in public places.

The mask delivers. It does exactly what it says on the tin. The unexpected collateral benefits or damage come in the form of,

The Good – It gives an unmistakable menacing aura as in “Don’t mess with me, Bad Boy!”, people tend to observe the social distancing guideline obediently.

The Bad – If you talk, laugh or whinge a bit too much, the risk of hyperventilation is never too far away. When donning the mask, just like the heart-warming BBC drama The A word, one can suddenly empathise and be in a spectrum with the theme tune “World shut your mouth, shut your mouth ….” ringing very loudly in your ears.

And The Ugly -  Managed to scare the living daylight out of the neighbour’s cat who scuttled screeching away with the tail between his legs, whilst the alter ego in me daydreaming ‘Who’s the Big Daddy now pussy cat ?”.


What I Do as a Member of the Team

When offering my service as a volunteer for PUK Harrogate Branch, Chairman John in his expansive and generous mood offered to buy me a pint, chatting about the conversation he had with a contact from India sub-continent keen and willing to help creating a website for Harrogate Branch. And it transpired this conversation had been going on for 2 years,

Feeling slightly heady not because of the alcoholic inducement but touched by this Yorkshireman ‘generosity’ in spirit (suddenly remembered he bought me a half). Though never created a website in my life, I was coerced into having a go.

Here we are, we now have a living and evolving website.

Please do use it to access all the latest and most up-to-date information on who we are, what we do, what and when events are being planned for the days and weeks ahead.

This local website is yours and it is designed with you the members, friends and families in mind.

We love to hear your suggestion for improvement. Tell us what you like to see on the website and what is useful for you.

Our overriding priority is to serve you and the local Parkinson’s community. Get involved, support each other and have fun.

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Tommy Leong

Tel: 07443608329


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