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FundRaising & Events Update

LK Bennett Harrogate (2)_edited.jpg
17th March 2022
L.K. Bennett Fashion Show

Think back to 2020

The LK Bennett Fashion Show was booked and everyone was excited, they were looking forward to the show. We at Harrogate Parkinson’s had sent out the invitations and everyone was ready.  Unfortunately, that was the day before lockdown 2020. The show was cancelled.

But we were not going to let a Lockdown stop a Fashion Show. So, two years later, LK Bennett were still keen to do the Show for the charity.  It was re-arranged and people gathered for a glass of Prosecco, “sponsored - by a Business in Mexico!!.”

Everyone had an opportunity to check out the items on the rails before the show began. The clothes were from the summer collection, a great mix n match opportunity as well as some sale items. The ladies from the shop were very friendly and helped with ideas on what items worked well with others. There was a lovely silk dress, teamed with a cream Chanel wool jacket which was just wonderful.

It was a successful event and one of the best and most fun ways to start off a new year of Awareness and Fundraising events for Harrogate Parkinson’s.  

We raise money locally to help people locally with Parkinson’s and their families.


13th November 2021
The Cheltenham Club Harrogate (1967 - 1969)
60's Soul and RnB Vinyl Night
Ripley Live

"It's The Same Old Song   ................"

That may be.

It's also true something will always stay reassuringly the same.

It's awesome seeing all the sisters standing on their own two feet doing for themselves, hopping and bopping away to the authentic sound, the spirit and the rhythm of 60's Soul and RnB in the acoustic rich Ripley Hall.

It's equally awesome to see most of the chaps forgetting to put their Strictly dancing shoes on, retreating to a small corner nursing their pints looking on helplessly and haplessly, hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way.


Those were the days.


You can't make memories like that anymore.


It was particularly joyful seeing a modern day equivalent of The Waltons with 3 generations of womenfolk playing together and staying together, their menfolk looking on with pride, tapping their feet under the table with quiet dignity but always with gusto.

A Jolly good evening.

11th September 2021
25k Thames Bridges Trek Challenge
Fundraising For Dementia Forward
and PUK Harrogate & District

A Day to Remember

The day started slightly misty and overcast early in the morning.


With 4,500 participants from all walks of life converging in Bishop’s Park Fulham more or less at the same time, the place was remarkably calm and orderly, buzzing with anticipation going through the registration, briefing of the day and warm-up routine all in good humour.


2 km into my leg of the trek after a staggered start, the sun came out to play and the glorious sunshine stayed that way for the rest of the day.


It was hard not to enjoy yourself, walking at your own pace, stopping and starting as you please, meeting, interacting and engaging socially as much or as little as you want, seeing the sights of this great city and some major landmarks from the ground up, with a half way rest stop at The Oval.


Like-minded people taking part in this event as a team or individuals for their own reasons.

Some fundraising for charity.

Some a campaign for special cause or someone.

Some just simply sisters standing on their own two feet doing for themselves.


Just before making a beeline for the finish and thanks to my lucky star, I was walking alongside a small group of high-spirited fellow sisters with a sub-woofer playing some George Michael numbers....

Something about 


Naturally I sauntered a bit with the sisterhood to the beat of Georgie Porgie's heady tune blasting in the air with onlookers clapping us on.

To think I'm a shy and a reserved person by nature.


For me personally, this challenge has been a cathartic experience.

A few beers afterwards especially so.


A cracking day. 

Though my whingeing bunions would argue to the contrary.

23rd July 2021
An Evening With Paul Mayhew-Archer
Spread The Laughter
Masonic Hall Harrogate

Reflection On The Evening


Firstly by all accounts, the evening was an unqualified success, not least the beginning of a fight back against Coronavirus which blighted many lives on a global scale and the freedom which we took for granted.

In many ways, the evening arguably represents a small triumph over adversity in the uncertain world that we've lived in over the past 18 months.


The main draw of the night. The unflappable funny man, the honourable Paul Mayhew-Archer came to town and made us laugh at ourselves with his unique P brand of comedy, for some with added educational values too.

The 'secret' is now out in the open.

For people with P condition, Viagra only serves to give you stiffness in your arms and legs.

Should you need a boost in that department, the ones in the know always rising to the occasion accredited their god-like status to the wonders of Weetabix and Irn-bru.

This combo is smoking hot right now. TOTP as it were, for all occasions and all persuasions be it hetro, bi (aka greedy), trans, don't know, yet to-be-decided etc etc.


For those who still have room and appetite for afters, hot cocoa and slippers are the go to 'get it on' with the in crowd at the moment.


Endorsement by Jim from Vicar of Dribbly,
"No no no no no no ........ Yes"


Last but not least, the most enjoyable part of the evening was about interacting with people, not virtually but for real.

The smiles and genuine delight to see each other. Some old and familiar faces, some new and some who you just don't give a monkey about, just about summed up a very agreeable evening.

24th July 20121
Snake Davis & His Band
Ripley Live

What A Night

"Snake who ?"
You could almost be forgiven for thinking.

Indeed I'm one of those who has ignorantly overlooked some of the collaborative work he has done with some of the biggest names in the music business.
James Brown, Tina Turner, Paul McCartney, Dave Steward, Robert Palmer, Primal Scream to name just a few.
The creative constituent part that he brings to the whole.

Snake is generally regarded as a must and go to sax player from who's who in the industry, revered by fellow musicians and admired by fans alike.

After an 18 months long absence of live music of any description, when Snake picked up his saxophone you could almost hear a pin drop in anticipation with the audience taking a deep collective breath.

The moment he started the ball rolling, the excitement was palpable in this acoustic rich Ripley Hall.

The audience gave each other a knowing look with the realisation that a special evening was in store.

The Set for the evening consisted of some of his own original material including the use of a hypnotic Japanese flute Shakuhachi plus a few well known covers such as My Girl, Baker Street and Just My imagination.

The audience was ecstatic.

One funky Number I particularly liked was an aptly named 'Wakefield wobble', rather amusingly.

His sax play was magical and mesmerising, the sound was ably complemented by his band.

When the evening eventually came to a close, the 100 plus strong crowd made such a racket clapping enthusiastically and stomping the floor in unison demanding an encore with amplitude.
The good people in Ripley must have been wondering what the Charles Dickins was happening to their genteel village.

Sure enough the audience was rewarded with a beautiful rendition and interpretation of James Taylor's 'How Sweet It Is'  ...... to be loved by you.

The love in was reciprocated by all around us.

After the gig, I queued up like others to pay homage to his music and he took the time like a gentleman to speak to each and everyone of us.

When my turn came, I wanted to know the don't knows,
"What is your story ? Snake is not a very traditional Yorkshire name, is it ?"

"It's because of the way I slip, slide, wiggle and wriggle about, Sir", he replied patiently.

That's Snake Davis in a nutshell.

An accomplished consummate professional musician and a gentleman of the finest pedigree. 

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